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About the project

Within the framework of the EIP Agri project, a variant with clover as a permanent living mulch and a variant managed according to standard practice are compared in mirrored large plots on three fields with different crop rotation elements. In order to test the cultivation system on different sites, all crops without and with clover as a living mulch will be cultivated in the Hunsrück region at the Uhler site (Klotz farm).

Decrease of pesticides
Minimization of nutrient losses in the soil
Reduction of fertilizer use


The European Commission has formulated  ambitious goals with the "European Green Deal". European agriculture plays a central role in the implementation of the "Green Deal".

  • The aim is to reduce the use of pesticides and thus their harmful effects by 50% by 2030.

  • In addition, nutrient losses are to be reduced by 50% while maintaining soil fertility.

  • A reduction in fertilizer use of at least 20% is planned by 2030.

In order to implement these goals in the context of increasingly challenging climatic conditions, new agricultural production systems must be tested and developed. Such a production system in arable farming could be created by establishing living mulches. 


The project is about the practical establishment and further development of a cultivation system, that is rudimentary in arable farming but has not been tried and tested. The innovative approach and the central question in the various, clearly defined work steps is the question of transferability and feasibility in practice. In the experiment, the conversion to no-till takes place (no tillage of the arable land except by the seed drill).

Saving of water

What influence does the long-term viability have on the water balance in the soil and thus on the water supply of the cultivated plants?

Reduction of crop protection

Can living mulch reduce the use of herbicides and other plant protection products?

Reduction of the 

use of fertiliser

Can clover as a living mulch reduce nitrate leaching and thus implement efficient N fertilization?

Use of clover as a nitrogen collector

How can we efficiently use the clover's ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen without uprooting the clover?

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