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Clover in rape

1. sowing 

Fall 2021

2. sowing

Spring 2022



stock development

Summer 2022

Winter 2021/22

field slug problem

Test plot Heide 2021/22

1st sowing 2021

Due to the weather, winter rape of the PT 303 variety could only be sown late on September 14 with 40 grains per m². After harvesting the previous winter barley crop and after liming and organic fertilization, the clover plots were only mulched once; in the customary variant, three soil tillage passes took place. Sowing in the clover variant was carried out with the Primera DMC seed drill from Amazone, which was equipped with optimized front tools based on previous experience. The emergence of the culture was pleasingly stable in both variants. And then the field slugs in the clover plots were faster than us...

Rapsaussaat 2021
Rapsaussaat 2021

Winter 2021/22

In spring, due to the field slug problem, there will not be enough rape plants in the clover plots to continue growing, so we are discussing summer rape. The rapeseed stand is not optimal in the usual farm variant without living mulch, but is still satisfactory despite the late sowing.

Raps November 2021
Anker Winter

2nd sowing 2022

Giving up was not an option, so on April 11th we sowed summer oilseed rape of the Mirakel variety. In the same operation, we applied both row fertilization and slug pellets to the seed horizon. 

Aussaat Sommerraps Heide April 2022 - 3.jpg


Unfortunately, our summer rape project was only partially successful. On the one hand, summer crops are more difficult to establish in the cultivation system with living mulch than winter crops, and on the other hand, the slugs were again the main problem in stock management. 



Due to the very low stock of spring rape, the time management and the work management in the Gut Westerwald farm, we decided not to harvest the clover plots in the rape variety.

GKB Ringversuch 2020 - 3.jpg
Anker Ernte
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