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Clover in maize


Spring 2022

stock development

Summer 2022

Winter 2021/22

sheep grazing



Test plot Kleiner Hahn 2021/22


In late autumn, a migrant shepherd grazed the area planned for maize, which led to interesting insights into the eating and movement behavior of the sheep. After der Nmin - Sampling in February showed that clover was growing so strongly at the start of vegetation, that it was mulched again before planting the maize. 

Anker Winter


At the beginning of May the time had come... using the strip-till method, two seed drills were used to plant silage maize of the Benedictio variety in addition to microgranules and phosphate as underfoot fertilization. 

After the corn had established itself in the living mulch, a randomized experiment with six variants to answer the question of the regulation of the living mulch was set up as part of the bachelor thesis of our new team member Simon.

Anker Aussaat


We were curious to see how the different varieties of corn would develop over the course of the summer. The influence and effects of the different chemical and/or mechanical designs used to regulate the clover reveal initial tendencies. For mechanical processing, our project partner Amazone provided us with innovative technology in the form of a front attachment with row-related knife rollers!



The persistent drought in combination with the very high temperatures took a toll on the corn in this extreme year. This led to an emergency ripening and the precipitation, that was actually always announced - and with it the hoped-for relaxation - , unfortunately did not occur in our region. So in mid-August we decided to do manual harvesting in the DaLeA trial. During the vegetation period and at harvest, extensive ratings and examinations were carried out in all variants. Much could be foreseen from practical experience, but some things surprised us positively.

Anker Ernte
Ertrag Mais.jpg

A year is not a year in agriculture and the drought year 2022 is certainly (hopefully!) not relevant. But we don't want to withhold the results of the manual harvest from you:

  • Variant 1: unregulated

  • Variant 2: mulching hoe

  • Variant 3: band spraying

  • Variant 4: surface spraying

  • Variant 5: mulching hoe+band sprayer

  • Variant 6: surface + band spraying

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