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Clover in the oats

Winter 2021/22

sheep grazing

Summer 2022

stock development


Spring 2022



Test plot Hahn 2021/22


The trial plots for oats overwinter in the non-clover plots with the catch crop “Fröhlich Mischung”. In late autumn, a migrant shepherd grazed the entire area, which led to interesting insights into the eating and movement behavior of the sheep. And we are curious to see, what differences can be seen in the Nmin samples at the beginning of February in the different variants.

Anker Winter


In the last week of March, in sunny, cold and dry weather, the different varieties of oats of the Max variety were ordered. When sowing, nitrogen and sulfur were applied or drilled into the sowing horizon at the same time. This is made possible by dividing the containers with a partition wall for seed and fertilizer in the Primera DMC seed drill used by our project partner Amazone.

The regeneration capacity of clover in the living mulch plots never ceases to amaze us!

Frühjahr 2022.jpg
Anker Aussaat


Things didn't go quite smoothly with the oat variety, but we are pleased with how the oats developed in the live mulch despite all the adversities over the course of late spring and summer. From our point of view, it is worth pursuing summer oats as the main crop in the cultivation system. 



Due to an error in stand management, which affected the clover varieties in the form of germination inhibition of the main crop, we decided against precision threshing. In the standard variant, a yield of almost 60 dt/ha could be achieved with a hectolitre weight of 54.0 kg/hl. The clover plots were significantly lower in terms of yield, but - as mentioned - unfortunately cannot be compared or evaluated. As expected, the protein content was better in the clover variants.

Anker Ernte
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