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Clover in the field bean


April 2021


Sep 2021

Summer 2021

stock development

Test Plot Neubitz 2020/21


The field beans of the "Tiffany" variety were sown at the beginning of April at a seed rate of 50 beans per m² in the clover established the previous year. At this point in time, the clover had not yet formed a closed living mulch layer at this location. In order not to damage the soil measuring sleeves during sowing, they were georeferenced in advance and are entered via the digitization platform and are therefore visible on the seed tractor   display.

Aussaat Ackerbohne.png
Anker Aussaat


The clover developed very well parallel to the field bean, so that a closed living mulch layer was present at the beginning of flowering. 

Anker Sommer


The field beans were harvested on September 7th, 2021. This time with the support of our OG member, the DLR Westerwald-Osteifel. The samples have been sent to the laboratory for further analysis and here are the yield results!

Anker Ernte
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