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On the home straight

The first steps of our project are only a few weeks ago and now the preparations for the last harvest in the EIP project period are in full swing!

In our project Permanent living mulch in arable farming, we had the common goal of working on questions and experiences from practice and making results available for the benefit of farmers. We have experienced a lot of ups and downs, successes and "belly flops", have generated an incredible amount of knowledge, experienced an informative event with all stakeholder groups in May and see real opportunities but also stumbling blocks in such a innovative cultivation system.

And although this phase of the project is now coming to an end, DaLeA will definitely continue - both in the practical farm Gut Westerwald and with subsequent studies with various partners from agriculture, agricultural technology and soil science as well as from practice and science. There is a lot in the pipeline, we are looking forward to it and will keep you informed!


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