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Results and transfer of knowledge

We are using the time until the field work and are working in detail in a team of practitioners and (young) scientists on the trial results of the last harvest years of our EIP Agri project DaLeA. Since 2018, we have been working with preliminary trials etc. on a complex cultivation system for practical use with all the associated questions - plant nutrition, agricultural technology, soil protection, water balance, agroecology, economics... All individual aspects are only one, albeit important, piece of the puzzle and only make sense as a whole.

Why do we attach so much importance to the precise evaluation, intensive discussion and transparent publication of our trial results?

For one thing, projects like DaLeA are not an end in themselves, and for another, we are far from finished with our applied research. Results do not simply disappear in a drawer. Since the beginning of this year, we have been supported by Luisa, a master student in Agribusiness at the University of Hohenheim. A warm welcome to the team!

And so, mark the date Tuesday 23 May 2023 for our DaLeA event! We will organise a very practical event, which will also cover the topics around it. In the morning, there will be presentations and moderated talks with plenty of room for exchange and discussion. Afterwards, it's out into the field, with a soil pit, a tour of the trials, practical demonstrations and much more.

Master student Luisa


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