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Good news for our project:-)

We are very pleased that the granting authorities and funding agencies have approved our application to continue our project in the official framework until after the 2023 harvest. Many thanks for the trust placed in us to give our best on the - extended - home straights!

For us, this now means planning, conducting and evaluating additional practical trials and investigations. And then to record and evaluate another harvest year in all fields. It goes without saying that we will also look at the economic side of the results, because this is a project for agricultural practice - and business management and profitability for the agricultural enterprise are indispensable.

The first presentations on DaLeA in the new year were already on the agenda, as recently at the University of Hohenheim at the Working Group on Conservation Agriculture in Baden-Württemberg.

In addition, planning is now underway for trial visits and a full-day final event in an appropriate setting. We are looking forward to it and will keep you informed!

University of Hohenheim in january 2023


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